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For the longest time, I believed that nutrition would improve my health ... with the exception of teeth & eyes - I believed that when those we're compromised that no regeneration could ever be expected. I think many of use feel this way - yes we can reach the optimum weight, have brighter skin and eyes, even reverse or prevent diseases, but our teeth and eyes are 'done'. Happily, I've learned otherwise.

Life changed dramatically for me when I came across Nadine Artemis' successful self-dentristry, which led me to changing out my regular allopathic-style dentist to a holistic dentist, which has changed me to an active participant in my dental health and wellness.

Smash down one paradigm and the others start to teeter. Shifting my belief system to truly believe that my teeth can remineralize and heal (yes this really does happen!), why can't my eyes?
I am determined that my next pair of glasses will be my last.

Most people that wear glasses weren't born with a condition that require them to wear glasses. Yes once in awhile you see a sweet little teeny tiny baby with super small glasses on - these are the sweethearts that are born with a condition requiring corrective lenses. The rest of us, the vast vast majority, acquire reduced vision at some other point in our lives. Many health savvy individuals are relating late onset blurred vision with emotional trauma. Makes sense doesn't it? A young person having challenges with their life and perhaps the inability to articulate and resolve the issue may flip into a defense mode of simply blurring it out.

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Here's my story:

I was a lean kid with perfect vision until I was about 8 years old. This was the time in my life we moved from central Canada to western Canada. Where I was born, there we're all of my grandparents, the Montessori school that I attended & adored since age 2, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends etc. etc. etc. The move cross-country was traumatic for me. I started to attend public school which was a real shock to my young system; desks, 'Mr.' and 'Mrs.' we're my teachers now instead of 'Sharon' and 'Collette', subject periods vs. freestyle learning and on and on and on with the trauma of restrictive left-brained teaching styles that are so prevalent. At 8 years old I didn't have the ability or emotional intelligence to self-assess and really pinpoint that I was sad and feeling empty due to all of the loss that I'd experienced at a young age, however I was able to feel that eating seemed to fill that void and made me feel whole again. This was the event that started my journey of being an overweight child and young adult. Is it any surprise that at 9 years old I needed my first pair of glasses?

Everyone that wears glasses remembers what it is like the first time you put on a pair, or get a significantly increased prescription in your new pair - the world is sooo much clearer and more precise. I remember looking in a mirror with my glasses on and seeing my many freckles so clearly, my new pudgy face, and feeling so ugly that I didn't even want to leave the store because the people on the street would see how horrible I looked. It was a real low in my young life. No wonder my vision continued to deteriorate until I was in my late 20's.

I hope my daughter never complains of blurred vision, but if she does, we will be spending a lot of time exploring what is going on in her life emotionally before she's packed up into the car and taken to the optometrist. Therapists will be parachuted in before eye glasses go on that little girl's face.

Because, here's the scoop: once you get glasses, your eyesight is going to deteriorate more and more each year. Some believe the eye is misshapen by the strained muscles in an emotionally strained young person's face. Glasses act as a crutch to the misshapen eye - making the distorted image clear, but the eye never gets any opportunity to strengthen itself again while the glasses are worn. It's like injuring a body part and agitating the injury every day, without ever getting any physiotherapy to regain your former level of use of the limb.

So ... how am I going to regain my vision & help my daughter and husband retain their perfect vision? Leave it to the Chinese ...

In China, rates of myopia are extremely low... as in lowest in the world. What are the Chinese doing? Eye exercises every day! Students, factory workers ... everyone is exercising their eyes each day. Here is a sample of the eye exercises, as well as critical acupressure points that can be massaged for improved vision, based on need or condition. This is now part of my every day routine.

I'm doing some additional exercises to further strengthen my eyes as well, from another source ... it can't hurt.

Additionally, I am getting comfortable with the blur. Whenever I can take my glasses off and use my eyes as they are, I'm doing it. The world is blurry while I'm nursing, singing my baby to sleep, reading, feeding my little girl etc. etc. etc.

I plan on investing in some pinhole glasses to assist in this effort as well.

I also plan on throwing a massive party once my vision is restored ... & you're all invited. I am going to envision it daily before doing my eye exercises (couldn't resist ... pun!).

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