Dieting Basics: Your Environment

On this blog I am going to try to keep things simple. Good nutrition is pretty simple at it's most basic level. Most people know what foods are good and what foods are not good to eat.

The problem is that most people lack the discipline to eat foods that are good and to stop eating the foods that they know are bad, like pizza, cookies, pastry, white carbohydrates, etc

Bottom Line: is it is not what you don't know that is stopping you from getting your goals it is your discipline.

In adapting a new habit/skill your environment is a big overlooked factor. Experts roughly believe that 95% of human behavior is habitual, meaning that we do the same things, have the same thoughts, and eat the roughly the SAME food every week. The experts also believe that it takes about 30 days to build a new habit.

Sound Nutrition is based on Habits. In changing your habits you want to begin to expand your area of control over your eating habits. So

Step 1: Gain Control over your immediate environment (aka home)

Do this immediately go to your pantry and begin to THROW OUT foods that do not align with your weight loss goals. That normally means all chips, white pasta, pastries, cookies, etc.

I'm sorry, just have to say this. In my email as I write and I saw an advertisement for this website, That's 4th offer I've seen from their website today! I believe I'm being stalked! Okay, We'll get back to what I was talking about 🙂

Next go to your refrigerator and THROW OUT anything that contains ice cream, drinks that contain calories (like soda, fruit juice, orange juice), non organic butter, whole milk, and anything that contains high fructose corn syrup.

Trust me Do This! experience shows that you will not have the will power to avoid eating it.

Hope you thought this was interesting. I will point out that this had been requested by Clay with Clays Lawn and Snow. always value suggestions and opinions.

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