Victoria School of Yoga

Personal Yoga Rehabilitation

Vitality, a feeling of youthfulness and freedom of movement - this is our natural state. You don't have to stay stuck in a place of discomfort and lackluster energy. Rediscover the body you are meant to inhabit.

With specific goals and a clear game plan,

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here are some benefits of one on one yoga sessions.

  • A thoughtfully crafted and accessible yoga practice dissipates pain. Do you experience back or shoulder pain, discomfort or limitations, perhaps from an old injury that prevent you from living the way you desire? A consistent and sensible yoga practice can alleviate pain caused by musculo-skeletal misalignment and adhesion.
  • A progressive yoga prescription gets you to your athletic objectives.

    Do you have a performance based goal such as a longer drive on the fairway, improve your triathlon time, or simply bend down in your garden to extract a weed? Cross train with private yoga sessions to keep you on track with your rigorous training schedule, injury free.

  • Step onto your mat with confidence.

    Are you new to the practice and want to start off on the right foot? With just a few private yoga sessions, you are sure to walk in to most public yoga classes and feel safe from the yoga police.

  • Enjoy the benefit of a custom tailored practice that addresses your specific concerns when it is convenient for you.

    Want to fit Yoga to your schedule, not you to a class schedule? Give me a shout.

  • What to expect at your first personal lesson:

A short intake which gives you the opportunity to express your primary concerns and goals is followed by assessing functional movement patterns using simplified yoga postures. Once we know what our starting point is, we will draw out a map to lead you to your objective. You will leave your first session with some homework, and an experience of re-alignment.

Two things are required from you, the student:

A willingness to see yourself whole and injury free.

A commitment to practice the yoga prescription.

Effective change happens one movement habit at a time. Witness your physical and subtle body flow naturally into alignment - Often in less time than you might imagine. I'm excited to witness your experience!

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