Drinking and Ibuprofen

What comes after you've drunk yourself stupid? A major hangover will certainly be in the works and this means a great, big headache. When a headache comes after having a bit of drinking fun, we would usually reach out for painkillers to give us immediate relief. Ibuprofen is a very popular choice but do ibprofen and alcohol really mix?

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Most of the opinions, especially medical ones, that you'll hear or read about will warn you against taking ibuprofen to ease a hangover's side effects. Why so? Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug from the drug family known as NSAID. These types of drugs can cause tears in the stomach lining when you take them on an empty stomach. It's much worse if you take it after having only alcohol which is also a stomach irritant. You are increasing your chances of bleeding and this is especially true if you are someone who suffers from ulcers most of the time.

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