Stop suffering from allergies and take control!

If you suffer from allergies, you probably experience symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes and nose. You might even experience itching of your throat or palate and skin. Fortunately, there are a few lifestyle measures you can implement to obtain relief from your allergy symptoms. In addition to working with your allergist to develop a treatment plan, you might want to take some of the following steps to reduce your exposure to outdoor and indoor allergens. Which steps will help you will depend on which allergies you actually have, so you may want to be tested in order to use avoidance measures efficiently.

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Improve Indoor Air Quality

Reduce the allergens that enter your home by closing your windows and using fans or air conditioning. Change the filters in your furnace and air conditioner regularly and invest in an air purifier with aHEPAfilter to remove allergens from the air. If your allergy symptoms are triggered by mold, use a dehumidifier to maintain an indoor humidity level of less than 50 percent. Vacuum and dust frequently (while wearing a dust mask) to reduce your home's level of dust mites and other allergens. Also, you'll find that enclosing your mattress in a plastic cover and washing your bedding weekly with hot water cansignificantly reduce your allergy symptoms.

Protect Yourself While Outside

It's always a good idea to consider the pollen season before planning outdoor activities. If the pollen counts have been high, schedule your outdoor activities for another day or delay them until after 4 p.m. since pollen counts are typically higher from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The pollen count available each day only reflects the PRIOR day's pollen collection, and it may reflect the count accurately only in the exact area where the collection device is located, so you cannot count on the report to be precise. While driving, keep your windows closed and use therecirculateoption on your car's AC instead of the vent.

Work with Your Allergist

In addition to reducing your exposure to allergens, talk to an allergist about your treatment options. Your allergist might prescribe oral medications, eye drops, nasal sprays, or allergy immunology therapy. You might also carry an epinephrine auto injector with you in case you have a history of severe allergic reactions.

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