Practice the 30 Second Rule

Ever wonder why some people always have others magically attracted to them? Did you ever meet anyone who you came in contact with, and their words have stuck with you almost a whole lifetime? Want to make a real impact on someones life?

Today practice the 30 second rule. When you speak to someone today, within 30 seconds try to add value to them by giving them words of encouragement or appreciation.John Maxwell is a master at this. When he comes in a room of people he compliments or encourages everyone in the room and people are drawn to him like a moth to light.They can't stop singing his praises and yet he has said nothing about himself. I recently interviewed a guy and by the time he left I liked everything about him. He had given some sincere compliments to me and the organization.

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When I think about my own self-confidence, words of affirmation from the past come in my mind.I remember my dad bragging about my baseball skills at a young age. I remember my first manager announcing a contest to the group, then looking at me and mouthing the words, You can win this. I remember another employer telling me I was already a manager regardless of my title.My mother telling me that God has a great purpose for me and my life comes to mind.

Words like that may seem small and insignificant at the time, but those words of affirmation or encouragement may stick with someone forever. Who knows the recipient of your words may pay it forward and affect a number of people.

Try this today. You never know what kind of inner battle someone is fighting.You may keep someone from giving up and throwing in the towel.This will not only give them energy and self-worth, but you will develop that same sensation.Grow the people around you by adding value to their self-esteem and watch the positive energy explode from the room.

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