3 Key Supplements To Weight loss

In todays advertising everybody out there is saying take this supplement and take that supplement and spending loads of hard earned money on all of these supplements that they simply don't need. We have put together the three supplements that everybody should have in their pantry at home! These supplements will ensure a strong mind/body and healthy digestive system which will transform you daily into that person you desire!


Multivitamins are often displayed on TV commercials and all over your magazine ads. For good reason too! Multivitamins contain essential micro-nutrients, minerals and vitamins that cannot always be found in your food. If you are a serious trainer or working long hours you should be taking a multivitamin. They help boost your immune system, boost your energy levels and are rich in antioxidants. Be careful in your selection of multivitamin in regards to your gender, age and frequency of training. If you are a vegetarian or have specific dietary requirements multivitamins will help to reach your optimal levels of zinc, iron and vitamin b12.

If you're looking to invest in supplements first on the list is the multi! Don't overlook the basics in getting your nutrition right first and not looking for theshort cutsthrough protein powders or quick and easy options.


Fish Oil- Fish oil is extracted from the tissues and cavities of fish. Fish oil contains Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), which the body cannot produce. The two exact EFA's that fish oil contains are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaecnoic acid (DHA).

These Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) have high benefits for:

Cardiovascular system:reducing your blood pressure and increasing your fatty acid metabolism.

Musculoskeletal System:Increased uptake of amino acids and glucose in your muscle cells. Improves your ability to recover from injury.

Immune System: Reduces the severity of autoimmune conditions such asarthritisand inflammatory bowel diseases.

Fish oil has lots of benefits for children to, showing that children who take fish oils have increased brain function and attention.

Fish oil can be taken in two forms, tablets or liquid form. Its proven that high strength oral fish oil is 10x greater that fish oils in tablet form. By taking 5ml of oral fish oil it will be the equivalent of 10 fish oil capsules. So get drinking!

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3.Magnesium If you're doing any sort of strength training, magnesium is essential in keep you at optimal levels. It has so many benefits there are almost too many to list but ill give you my top 10:

1. Better sleep and reduction in Insomnia

2. Improved brain function and digestion

3. Raise testosterone levels and build muscle

4. Get stronger and maximize protein synthesis

5. Improves hearth health and decreases inflammation

6.Get stronger bones and prevent autoimmune diseases.

7. Magnesium helps with prevention of diabetes

8. Improves your chances of your child being healthy if you're pregnant.

9. Magnesium lowers your cortisol levels.

10. Helps manage a lean body composition and decrease obesity!

These are OUR top 10 reasons.

Remember all these supplements/minerals should be taken with a protein rich diet, high in green vegetables and essential fats.

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