Food is all around us and we are constantly consuming it.

Food is all around us and we are constantly consuming it. All the different types of foods and toxins that are in food are not so wonderful for your body, so what is one to do when they feel they need to detox their body?
They could try an all juice diet. An all liquid diet and drinking a lot of fresh squeezed lemonade. Personally I've tried it, it is not as hard as it sounds, saying goodbye to solid foods, but it is not the easiest thing in the world either. It can be a minimum of 10 days and can be as long as 40 days. Before completely diving into the it it is recommended that you have a 3 day warm-up period that you get your body used to the all juice diet and slowly cut out processed and solid foods, the same goes for when you are done, a 3 day cool down period is recommended so that you get your body used to digesting solid foods again.

Once on the liquid you start your day slicing lemons and squeezing the juices out of them, then adding a spoonful of maple syrup, then a dash of cayenne pepper. After adding the cayenne pepper you want to drink the lemonade as fast as possible so the cayenne pepper does not have a chance to ferment and get spicy. You can make as much lemonade as you want, however adding the cayenne pepper to a weeks supply of lemonade would make it pretty spicy and probably a lot less fun.

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While on the diet physical activity is supposed to be limited for the span of the fast. I felt good enough on the second or third day of doing mine that i went out and played some tennis, HUGE mistake. Pretty quickly i started to feel light headed and felt very weak. So that was not good.

Another aspect to it is eating a laxative in the evening, or doing a salt water flush in the morning so you can keep your body regular and really get rid of everything that might be a little toxic for your body.

Considering the small amount of calories you are intaking, you are of course going to be losing weight. Most noticeably in the stomach area. Before i started doing my cleanse, i read up online and saw that people lost upwards of 20 pounds, though it can be quickly gained back after you finish, you can use this to your advantage and start to work out your newly lean body and gain back some muscle. Muscle is another thing you will loose a good amount of, since you are not working out, or doing much of anything really, your body begins to reduce your muscle size.


This cleanse is most notably known for it's ability to reboot the immune system and give it a nice boost. This fast would be most useful after being sick for awhile and you are trying to help your body get back to 100%.


While any sort of diet is hard to stick by, once you get the hang of it, it is no big deal. The hardest thing for myself was the taking it easy and not exercising. This is just one way to get your immune system to reboot and get your body back to batting 100.

Hope you found this helpful. I ought to point out the idea was asked for by Adam at Good Shepherd DET. always appreciate suggestions and opinions.

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