Vancouver implant dentist Dr. Bernard Jin cites advances in dental implant technology and CT (Computerized Tomography) imaging which enable denture wearers to break free from dentures and regain dignity, freedom, and self-confidence. Unlike costly traditional dental implant treatments which require several visits and months of recovery, a ground-breaking technique known as All-on-4 delivers a full arch of new, permanent (non-removable) teeth all in one visit. Patients who have undergone this procedure report amazing results and significant improvements to their quality of life.

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) March 10, 2011

The development of dental implants has changed the face of modern dentistry.Together with the latest advances in Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (digital 3-D CT scanning), dental implant placement has never been safer, more comfortable, more predictable, or cost-effective. This new CT technology provides a three-dimensional reconstruction of all available bone structures in the upper and lower jaws. As a result, all ‘guess-work’ has been completely removed from the equation. This means fewer appointments, shorter treatment time, and rapid healing.

This is much welcomed news for denture wearers whose dentures have caused them to endure denture-related problems and negative lifestyle changes. These may include: pain and discomfort from loose-fitting dentures, embarrassing situations, awkward social and intimate moments, low self-confidence, decreased enjoyment of food, and limited food choices.

Vancouver implant dentist, Dr. Bernard Jin and his team at Smiles Unlimited Dental Centre work closely with frustrated denture wearers who are looking to improve their quality of life. Dr. Jin points out that when prospective denture wearers initially choose dentures over dental implants, most do not realize the physical and psychological impact dentures will have on their lifestyle.

For example, individuals who wear full upper dentures may soon discover that mealtime is not as enjoyable anymore. Since a full upper denture covers the entire roof of one’s mouth, foods and beverages will not taste or feel as they once did. The ability to enjoy subtle textures, flavours, and aromas (as when drinking wine) will be greatly hindered. As dentures become looser over time due to bone shrinkage, denture wearers will find it necessary to mash foods or limit their choices to the few they are able to eat. This often results in decreased overall health and well-being.

Similarly, embarrassing situations such as having dentures slip out during a hearty laugh in public are enough to discourage many denture wearers from fully expressing themselves and engaging in an active social life. Many patients report feeling less confident about themselves, feeling inhibited about carrying out everyday activities, and feeling depressed about their changing appearances.

Prior to dental implants, denture wearers had no other options. Today, denture wearers do not have to settle with what their parents or grandparents had to put up with. With denture clinics popping up in every neighbourhood attempting to cater to aging Baby Boomers, the general public may not realize that traditional dentures are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Imagine still putting up with ‘Coke-bottle’ spectacles in this day and age when practical low profile eyeglasses, contact lenses, and laser eye
surgery are readily available.

With only two dental implants, full denture wearers can experience vast improvements in denture stability. This translates into better chewing, improved nutrition, and a more secure, confident outlook on life.

With as few as four dental implants, a denture wearer can bid farewell to the hassles of a denture altogether. This revolutionary dental implant procedure, known as All-on- 4, provides individuals with a full arch of new, permanent (non-removable) teeth all in one day. This technique allows patients to use their new teeth immediately after the procedure. Patients who have undergone this procedure report amazing results and significant improvements to daily living.

Dr. Jin and his dental care team are thrilled that they are able to offer these latest advancements in dental implantology and digital CT imaging to their patients. Dr. Jin states, “The greatest reward is seeing how lives are changed for the better. It really is an honour to be a part of something that greatly improves a person’s quality of life. Patients come back and they look healthier, happier, more confident. I’ve had widows and widowers start dating again. It’s like the Viagra of dentistry! These advanced
procedures give patients a new lease on life!”

Dr. Bernard Jin is among the relatively small number of dentists in North America who provides the All-on-4 (Teeth in 1 Day) dental implant procedure. His private practice, located in Greater Vancouver, services patients locally and as far away as Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Northern Yukon, and Seattle, WA. Dr. Jin is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He is also a clinical instructor, teaching advanced implant placement and tissue grafting techniques to fellow dentists.

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