cover-mouthAt Smiles Unlimited Dental Centre, we offer a range of dental implant solutions which we will customize to meet your specific needs:

Single Tooth Replacement

Most people think that a missing tooth is a one-tooth problem. Research shows that a person is much more likely to lose adjacent teeth if the gap is left unaddressed. Even worse is the news that choosing the wrong tooth replacement method increases the risk even further. Studies confirm that a dental implant is the most reliable and long lasting method of tooth replacement.

Multiple Teeth Replacement

When multiple teeth are lost or removed, the underlying bone surrounding the teeth begins to shrink and disappear – a process known as ‘bone resorption’. If left unaddressed, bone resorption is typically accompanied by problems such as teeth migration, gingival (gum) recession and infection, bite misalignment, over-loading and structural failure of adjacent teeth, additional tooth loss and possible TMJ (jaw joint) disorders. Because dental implants fuse with and stimulate underlying bone, replacing missing teeth with dental implants and implant-supported bridges can prevent and correct these undesirable problems associated with bone loss.


Virtually every denture wearer will agree that wearing a non-retentive, unstable, loose-floating denture is an uncomfortable, undesirable and frustrating experience.  Denture wearers often have to deal with unpleasant gooey denture adhesive (plus ingesting the adhesive), altered taste, soft-food limitations, embarrassing moments, and lifestyle (social and intimacy) restrictions.  CLICK HERE to see how implants can help.

Implant Supported Dentures

Dental implants can lessen the looseness of a floating denture.  In this treatment option, two dental implants are placed into the jaw.  After 4 to 6 months of healing, the implants are fitted with clip attachments.  The denture is then modified to engage these implant clip attachments for improved stability.  Please note that the denture still needs to be removed daily for cleaning.  Because the denture still sits on the gum, trapped food and sore spots may still occur.  During the 4 to 6 month healing period, patients can wear the unmodified denture as before.

Implant Retained Dentures

This treatment typically involves the use of four dental implants.  The implants are placed and left to heal for 4 to 6 months.  After the healing period, a customized bar is fitted onto the implants and the denture is modified to clip onto the bar.  The retention and stability of this procedure is very good.  The denture must be removed daily for cleaning and hygiene purposes.  During the healing period, patients can still wear a conventional denture.

Teeth to Stay – All in 1 Day!©

This procedure utilizes the revolutionary ALL-ON-4™ dental implant procedure which provides patients with new, fixed (non-removable), permanent teeth – all in one day!  Patients can use their new teeth right away!  The new, fixed teeth feel natural and secure!  Patients who have undergone this procedure report amazing results and significant improvements to their quality of life!  They can enjoy all foods again, speak more clearly, and socialize without worrying about loose dentures and those potentially embarrassing moments.  CLICK HERE to read about more benefits the Teeth to Stay – All in 1 Day!© Treatment option provides.

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